Weekly Kits

In this collection you will find a wide variety of WEEKLY planner kits. We currently offer FIVE different planners sizes:

1. Classic Disc Bound (9 Disc) MAMBI planners also great for A5 sized planners! Boxes measure 1.5X2.25 
2. Standard 7x9 coiled planners, work with EC Vertical, B6 inserts, and Print Pression B6 & Avalon and Ninth Full Planners! Boxes measure 1.5x1.9
3. Mini Planner Vertical (Mambi Mini Vertical Planners) Boxes are only 1" wide, and over 2" tall.
4. Mini  Planner Horizontal, works great for Print Pression WEEKS, A&N Weeks, (Avalon and Ninth), Penny Pages Academic, and B6 (if you want more room at the top, they are the same width as the COIL kits, just SHORTER) Boxes measure 1.5x1.25
5. Hobo Weeks - this one explains itself!