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Hot Cocoa - Weekly Planner Kit

Base kit comes as two pages (Full Boxes/Washi/Dates), and you can choose up to 4 additional add on sheets! YOU choose which sheets you use in your planner! Makes our kits VERY versatile for any sized planner.

Standard Base - Functional boxes measure 1.5" across, full boxes in these kits measure 1.5" X 1.9" (great for A5W, 7x9 Punky Planners, 7x9 A&N Planners, CitygirlPlanners other 7x9 sized coiled planners)

Mini Planners - Boxes measure 1.5"x1.25" - functional boxes/headers measure 1.5" (great for B6, PPWeeks, A&N Weeks, and other planners smaller than 7x9 size!)

Hobo weeks - VERY specific to hobo weeks planners only!

Printed in the USA, on premium matte eggshell paper with bright bold colors! 

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